This course involves doing ‘real time’ cycle analysis and constructing ‘real time’ predictions of both time and price by learning and applying cycle theory.  In this advanced course we will take basic timing concepts and build on them as well as delving into practical techniques for predicting price.  A range of approaches for trading cycles will be covered including risk minimisation and money management.

This course provides a ‘hands on’ approach to learning how to apply cycle knowledge to trading.  This means that you will be ‘doing’ rather than just being told what to do.  The purpose is to get you to go deep into the market.  This is what most people don’t do – and therein lies a story. . . . .

"Tell me, I forget; show me, I remember; involve me, I understand.”

You will be expected to be fully involved in the learning process so that you are more likely to develop the skills required. You will be expected to contribute your learning journey to the group in a supportive and non-threatening environment.

The course is conducted across a 9 month period involving 3 course days approximately 3 months apart and 4 tutorial sessions.
• Pre-Course Exercise
• Day1
• 'Chart Support and Questions Session' within 4 weeks of Day1
• Day2
• 'Tutorial Question Session' about 4 weeks prior to Day3 to ensure plenty of time for participants to clarify their understandings and get their questions answered in a discussion forum format.
• Day3
• 'Tutorial Using CycleMaster Session' about 4 weeks after Day3
• 'Tutorial Phasing with CycleMaster Session' about 8 weeks after Day3

Please note that CycleMaster software is available to reduce the time and effort required for cyclic analysis but not until you understand and have practiced the key concepts and principles by hand.  The software and associated training course are now part of the Advanced Cycles fee. See Software - CycleMaster.

It is preferable that participants have completed Cycle Analysis and Market Timing for those who still want more information regarding 'are cycles for me?' This is a recommendation not a requirement.

Course Materials:
•  extensive course notes
•  2 A0 hand charts of the Dow (Weekly and Daily) as example charts to work on throughout the duration of the course – and perhaps beyond.
•  Blank A0 chart as a master for you to use to get further copies made.
•  charting requisites
•  copies of purpose built Excel spreadsheets that simplify the task of implementing the methodology
•  data and computer generated charts as required
•  CycleMaster Software and associated Installation, User and Reference Manuals

Coffee, tea, morning tea and lunch will be provided each of the three course days.

This course is not an end point.  It is a starting point.  I am aiming to guide you in the ‘right’ direction and if you take on this education then there will be much more work to do.  I accepted the challenge of this path, did the work and was not disappointed.  You will get to meet others on the same path and you will be able to compare notes.  I encourage involvement in the ‘Advanced Cyclers Network’.  These people are seekers like you and their get-togethers are by them, for them at no cost – in Adelaide. Charity events form an important part of philanthropy by past participants.

Good educational practice requires participants to engage in pre-reading and pre-exercise(s) to maximise the effectiveness of bringing about change.  A short reading list will be provided along with a cycle related pre-course exercise.  This is designed to get you thinking about cycles and how they express in financial markets.

Upon receipt of your course fee, pre-course information will be sent to you.  The earlier you make payment the more time you have to do the reading and the pre-course exercise.

Day 1

THEME 1:  Market Cycles  = Time and Price
We will work through the principles and specific steps required to make a cycle prediction.  This involves identifying advantageous points in time where a change in trend is highly likely.  You will learn how to make a live prediction using current market data so that it can be followed in real time in the coming weeks and months.  To facilitate this process we will utilise weekly and daily hand charts of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  The advantages of hand charting will be outlined and you will learn through practical application on these charts.  The methodology can also be applied via computer software but that comes later.

There will be email lessons and question responses as well as ‘live’ cycle commentary between Day 1 and Day 2.

THEME 2:  Learning Journeys
The underlying educational rationale behind this theme will be explained.  You will be expected to apply the cycle concepts covered and share your learning with the group on Days 2 and 3.

THEME 3:  Cycle Trading Techniques
An example trading plan will be provided on Day 1. This will be paper traded live in real time throughout the course. All calls will be made ahead of time so that there is no 'could have', 'should have', 'would have' involved in the results.

Hand Charting Help and Support Tutorial Session (Approximately 4 weks after Day 1)

This session aims to ensure participants understand the cyclic concepts and can get them onto the charts. Knowing what to do and how to do it by hand means participants are better able to use the CycleMaster software though deep understanding.

Day 2 (Approximately 3 months after Day 1)

THEME 1:  Market Cycles  = Time and Price
We will return to our predictions and assess how they are going.  There will be opportunities for improvement and these will be teased out.  By following the approaches of an experience trader your ability to handle a live situation will be enhanced.  Techniques for monitoring and updating a cycle prediction will be explained.

Having identified advantageous points in time where a change in trend is highly likely and watched these unfold LIVE, we will add price predictions to the mix.

THEME 2:  Learning Journeys
You will share with the group:
•            any “ah ha” moments
•            significant learnings
•            hurdles, problems, hassles and how they were overcome
•            outstanding quandaries or areas of uncertainty

THEME 3:  Cycle Trading Techniques
We will look at some trading approaches to take advantage of our cycle knowledge.  These techniques will be applicable to stocks, futures, options, CFDs, FOREX etc.

Participants who have not attended the short course Trading Systems using Technical Analysis will be encouraged to do so.

Concepts covered will form the basis of a trading plan based on cycle analysis:
Entry signal
Entry method
•            Including position size
Exit methods
•            Initial stop loss – where and why
•            Trailing ‘take profit’ stops – where and why
Trading short – making money on the way down.

We will reflect on how the paper trading plan has panned out.

Pre-Day 3 Question Tutorial Session (Approximately 4 weeks prior to Day 3)

This tutorial session is designed to get all questions answered so that we have a clear run at the Day 3 material.

Day 3 (Approximately 3 months after Day 2)

THEME 1:  Market Cycles  = Time and Price
We will return to our predictions and assess how they went.  We will explore questions such as:  What could we do better next time?  How do we measure how good a prediction was?  How ‘good’ does a prediction need to be profitably tradeable?  What are the critical elements required to profit from cycle knowledge?

Software that reduces the work involved will be introduced once participants fully understand the theory and concepts ‘by hand’.

There will be email lessons and question responses as well as ‘live’ cycle commentary between Day 2 and Day 3.

THEME 2:  Learning Journeys
There will be a further opportunity for participants to update their learning journey and share their insights with the group.
•            Where to next with your learning journey?
•            What would need to be done differently next time?

THEME 3:  Cycle Trading Techniques
We will look at trading system development using cycle concepts.  This will extend beyond signal, entry and exit to back testing, forward testing, money management, risk management, paper trading and psychology of trading.

We will reflect on how the paper trading plan has panned out.

THEME 4:  Personal Cycles
We will look at our own cycles and how this knowledge can be used to our advantage.
Aspects such as cycles related to grief, emotions, illness, sex, etc will be explored.

CycleMaster Software
This software package and associated materials are provided, explained and demonstrated. Participants are given extensive documentation to support installation and use.

Using CycleMaster Tutorial Session (Approximately 4 weeks after Day 3)

Installing CycleMaster is not onerous but time is allowed so that everyone can do the instalation and have some time to work through the User Manual. This is where the experience and knowledge built up through the hand charting comes into play. CycleMaster is a tool and as with all tools in the wrong hands it can be dangerous. Participants are encouraged to be the Cycle Master and keep a close eye on the software and make adjustments as necessary.

Phasing with Cyclemaster Tutorial Session (Approximately 8 weeks after Day 3)

Phasing involves establishing the correct cyclic model and correct anchors and lengths for past cycles so that information can be used into the futture. CyclleMaster is a tool. It is very good but it is only a tool. YOU are the expert. It is your analysis and it is your money at risk. You have to learn to rely on what you know and thus you use CycleMaster with adjustment.

Beyond the Advanced Cycles Course

Past Advanced Cycles graduates talk the same language and carry a wealth of experience that I encourage them to share.

The Advanced Cyclers Network tends to meet approximately twice a year for mutual assistance and has somewhat irregular social gatherings or ‘Charity Events’ where they give away their hard earned cash in the interest of others.  Philanthropy may not be your thing at the moment but those with money and those with the ability to make money tend to gravitate to it. This is good karmic practice.

Trading Advanced Cycles

'Trading Advanced Cycles' is for those who want further specific knowledge and experience to take the 'cyclic edge' taught in Advanced Cycles to a proven profitable plan. Once properly developed, such a plan can be used real time real money in the market(s) for which it was developed.


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