Hurst Course Tutoring fills in the gaps between what Hurst covers in the Hurst Course and what you understand. It’s a bit hard to ask Hurst if you are not sure! This tutoring is offered because working through the Hurst Course can be daunting given the detail and volume of material. The tutoring will be delivered worldwide live via Zoom. Sessions will be approximately fortnightly at times subject to participant availability.

Tutoring Overview
The Hurst Course is excellent from two perspectives. You get education direct from the MASTER and the educational methodology is world class. You will receive the Hurst Course materials. You will then be expected to do certain of the early lessons prior to attending the first Zoom tutorial.

Once we are into the swing of things, participants will arrive at each Zoom session having done the previous section of the Course. We will work through that previous section in each tutorial. The concepts will be demonstrated via extensive and comprehensive powerpoint presentations. Questions and issues will be discussed and explained. The final segment of the session will typically involve looking forward to the next section of the course to provide participants assistance to understand what is being taught from a broad perspective to understand the big picture and how this next section fits. Some of the upcoming key concepts and examples may be highlighted and explained. Also, some of the upcoming exercises, or parts thereof, may be demonstrated and/or started during the session. This sets up an expectation of what participants should cover by the next session. This is not really 'homework' because that concept implies most of the work is done in the session and a bit is done at home - probably as review. This tutoring approach expects MOST of the work (like about 95%) is done at home and the tutoring sessions provide a review and form a minor time commitment in the grand scheme of things. The course material is learned at home and the tutoring helps fill in and bridge the gaps in knowledge and understanding.

My experience with this Course is that people take about 6 months or around 300 hours to work through it. When you have completed it, you should understand Hurst's 'edge' or approach or method. This then needs to be formulated into YOUR trading plan. This plan must be written, back tested, forward tested, paper traded and validated to prove it profitable - then comes 'position sizing'. My experience with the plan formulation process is that it takes 12 months or more. At this point you MAY have the knowledge and skills to implement your plan. Psychology (attitude, behaviour, emotions, beliefs etc, etc,etc) needs to be dealt with as it arises.

This tutoring is offered because people have expressed interest in working in a class situation that provides some external motivation, support from fellow participants and tutorial guidance. I reserve the right to amend the program as set out in light of the needs of the group.

Experience shows that fortnightly sessions are best. All chapters should be able to be covered in less than 15 fortnights or 30 weeks. I see the tutoring sessions at 3 hours per fortnight as about 5 - 10% of what participants will need to commit on average over the journey. This is based on an effort of about 10 hours per week or an average of about 1.5 hours per day. Most people seem to use the weekends as a bit of a catch up period to cover the material. Switch the TV and the internet off and you will be AMAZED at how much time you can 'find'!!! Rationalising other parts of your life also has potential to free up time for you.

The dates of the sessions will be worked out based on participant availability.


• Group learning
• External motivation
• Assistance to understand the whole course concepts 

• Assistance to understand ‘whole of chapter’ concepts (how the chapter material fits with the overall approach)

• Significant scaffolding and support concept by concept within each chapter 

• Specific support to do and understand the Course exercises as well as a heads up to the upcoming exercises

• Clarification of the practical examples including their broader implication(s)

• 'Current' market examples where appropriate

• Personal interpretation and insights to aid participants' understanding of the Course materials 

• Correcting any misconceptions regarding the chapter Self Evaluation Questions 

• Assistance to gain answers in a timely way - You can't ask Hurst!

• The Hurst Course materials are INCLUDED (3 large leverarch folders + 10 audio lessons on CD) 

• An 'incubator' session to launch the process is included 
• Over 50 hours offered in tutorial sessions 

• Payment in full prior to the first session 

• Tutorials will be held via Zoom 

• Although participants would be expected to attend all sessions, those who don't need to attend or who can't attend can catch up via the session recording 

• Tutorials are ikely to be delivered three hours fortnightly for at least 15 fortnights. 

• Support may also be provided by experienced graduates who themselves have successfully studied the Course

• Extended intensive sessions may prove useful by mutual agreement across the tutorial period. For example, an intensive session of (say) 6 hours on a Saturday or Sunday might be an effective way for the group to move forward.


Hurst Course Detailed Overview - Lesson by Lesson.pdf

Hurst Course Tutoring was an excellent course which proved to be an invaluable step on my pathway to trading successfully.

There was a lot of material distributed, both printed and on CDs, and the tutoring concept with regular sessions, was an ideal way to cover and understand the information in a logical manner, in a well structured course.

My Cycles and Hurst knowledge and understanding were complemented and greatly enhanced. At times I felt I was actually communicating with Hurst, rather than just reading about him.

I am very pleased that I did Hurst Course Tutoring.

• See Course Dates and Fees for further information

Email to enquire, express interest or notify payment.

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