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I have extensive experience in financial markets as a private trader since 1998 - including stocks, futures, CFDs, options and currencies. I was involved in secondary education for 25 years. Importantly, I am NOT a qualified financial advisor.  So I don’t provide opinions or recommendations regarding what people should or should not do (buy, sell, hold, hedge etc) with a particular position, entity or trading vehicle. Especially, I don't provide ADVICE. I offer EDUCATION so you can make your own decisions based on your KNOWLEDGE. I do not sell 'black box' systems, ongoing data or the like. I do everything I can to minimise costs to you as you learn what you need and what you need to do.

I have studied JM Hurst and other key cycle analysts. I have researched and proven what works. As a cycle trader I use what I know and that is what I teach.

I hold what many might consider to be 'unusual beliefs' regarding financial markets. In particular I believe 'cycles' influence peoples' decisions. Otherwise, how can price go where and when the cycles say (ahead of time) price must go?

I also believe in:
• 'cycles' as an edge in the markets
• a properly developed plan that has been proven profitable in the past
• the ability to approximately forecast markets in both time and price (because there is a cyclic structure)
• leading market indicators based on physics principles
• proving everything (don't believe me - test and check everything)

I DON'T believe in:
• fundamentals
• markets being totally random
• technical patterns (unless they are tightly quantified and can be proven via cycles)
• technical indicators that lag

Never lose sight of the fact that YOU don't trade the markets, you trade your beliefs about the markets. If your trading is not going so well then you might consider changing your beliefs (and learning what does work).

I have been providing what I call a ‘Guide Beside’ service since 2008.  This involves coaching or mentoring traders and investors.  I teach the underlying principles of trading and so help people move forward to fast track their market journey.

Far too few people know what to do or how to do it to become consistently successful in the markets.  My trading is ticking along quite fine, so on the side I assist people who are prepared to do the work to get in place all of the required components to trade or invest successfully. I am trying to be the sort of person I could not find to help me on my market journey. From a legacy point of view this is important to me.

If you think I might be able to help you then please email.


B. App. Sci. (Physics)
Dip. Ed.
Cycle Trader (Cycologist!)


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