Advanced Cycles Phasing Outline via Group Guide Beside

I want you to come out of this workshop able to:
            •  understand basic and advanced phasing concepts
                        Ideal bars (SineGenerator)
                        Real Markets
            •  understand there may be alternate phasings
                        Be able to find, compare and assess/rate them
            •  be able to resolve phasing confusion to a point of clarity
                        At least understand which recent cycle low you are 100% confident in
           •  understand and use phasing tools
                                    There will be much ‘doing’ on this front
                        Moving averages
            •  phase a market from scratch
                        In other words – able to do the doing
                        Ideal bars (SineGenerator)
                        Real Markets
            •  follow my phasings and/or preferably ‘duplicate them’ from scratch
            •  share your phasings with fellow participants
                        In a collegiate and supportive environment
                        Regularly share screenshot updates
            •  develop confidence in your own phasing
                        Through focussed guidance
            • gain rapid phasing experience via 'Dripper' or 'By Hand'
                        Next bar on demand


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