Cycle Master Software

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CycleMaster software is an integral part of the Advanced Cycles course as of February 2013. The cost of the software and documentation is included in the Advanced Cycles course cost. The software package includes Installation Manual, User Guide, Reference Manaual and Release Notes. Personalised support by the software author is available if needed to get users up and running.

CYCLEMASTER IS AVAILABLE AS PART OF THE ADVANCED CYCLES COURSE. You need to understand how cycles work for this tool to be understood and therefore be useful as an aid to your trading decisions.

What Does a CycleMaster Chart look like?
There is an example chart at the bottom of this page.

What Does CycleMaster Do?
CycleMaster, like any software, is only as good as the person who puts the information in and who makes decisions as a result of what comes out.  Basically CycleMaster does the work faster than by hand, so it can take some of the tedium out of a cycle trader’s work.  Also, there are key elements of the software that I use in courses because it helps people to get a better and faster understanding of how cycles work.

Key Attributes and Advantages of CycleMaster:
• Easily create a Hurst phasing diagram based upon input of 3 parameters: starting anchor, longest component cycle length and cycle divisions.

• Easily adjust positions of cycle lows generated by CycleMaster (click and drag).

• Graphical display of generated cycles using semi-circles (umbrellas).

• Price movement simulation provided by means of cycle summation.  Ability to add trend (SigmaL) to the cycle summation. Useful aid to see where the cycles are taking price.

• Display of each individual cycle length as well as cycle low and orb positions.

• Statistical data e.g. average cycle length, in-orb percentages, standard deviation of cycle length, etc.

• Display half-span moving averages, a useful aid in corroborating cycle lows.

• Display current VTLs.

• Display the FLDs and easily see which FLDs crossovers are / are not in synch with the cycle phasing.  FLD projection of time and price is generated and displayed.

• Display divergence between price and stochastics.  Useful as an indicator of price reversal.

• Display lows from another phased timeframe. e.g. Can easily show all lows from a Weekly phased chart on the Daily chart with any discrepancies highlighted.This is useful to ensure your charts lows are in synch across different chart timeframes.

• Highlight Non-Dominant Cycles (or the need for multiple harmonics), i.e. where a low in the cycle is lower than both the starting and ending lows of that cycle.

• Create price charts from imported data, e.g.

• Create a simulation price chart based upon a specific cyclic model.  Allows us to see what should happen in an ideal situation and thus prepare for the real market conditions.

• Full documentation includes CycleMaster Installation Manual, CycleMaster Reference Manual and CycleMaster User Guide.

CycleMaster runs within the MetaTrader4 trading platform which is available free of charge. The MetaTrader4 platform has a date range limitation of 1-Jan-1970 through 19-Jan-2038.

Unlike other cycle based software out there, CycleMaster is akin to a Master tradesman's toolbox rather than the sort of ready made one size fits all product that you get from the 'Ikea factory'.

CycleMaster Software Disclaimer and Agreement:

CycleMaster is a tool designed to assist analysis of cycles in markets. You must carefully consider its results and make changes as you see fit. By using CycleMaster you agree that you are fully responsible for your trading decisions and that no one associated with its coding or distribution will be held responsible for any losses incurred either directly or indirectly.

Example CycleMaster Chart

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Disclaimer and Agreement