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Education and Training

What is provided involves education and no guarantees are being made or implied regarding your ability to apply the concepts to profitably trade or invest in financial markets. Past results of previous course’s paper trading or my or past participants paper or actual trading does not guarantee your future results. You agree to participate understanding that I am NOT a licensed financial advisor and so I do not provide financial advice (explicit or implied). I neither encourage nor discourage you from trading or investing. Should you decide on involvement in financial markets, you make your own decisions and take your own risks. By taking any action as a result of visiting this site or taking my courses you agree that I, or anyone else involved in presenting or participating in these educational opportunities, will not be held responsible for your decisions or any risks your market actions create.

CycleMaster Software

CycleMaster is a tool designed to assist analysis of cycles in markets. You must carefully consider its results and make changes as you see fit. By using CycleMaster you agree that you are fully responsible for your trading decisions and that no one associated with its coding or distribution will be held responsible for any losses incurred either directly or indirectly.








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Disclaimer and Agreement