Teaching Traders

I am trying to educate traders.  I use one on one sessions, group sessions, video analysis, trading scenarios and tactical periodization (moments in the market).

Teaching, coaching and development isn’t all about what I know.  Every teacher or coach has experience and knowledge.  It’s all about what the student learns, and students all learn differently.

Visual learners (seeing)
            visual aids that represent ideas using methods other than words

Auditory learners (listening)

Kinaesthetic learners (moving/doing)
            "hands-on" practical doing and application of theories
            learn via experience
                        doing (active exploration, projects, experiments, etc.)

Analytic learners (reflecting/connecting)
            reflective observers
                        strong in imaginative ability and discussion
                        strong in inductive reasoning* and creation of theories
            fact focussed - concentrate on a series of facts that move toward a gradual understanding of an overall concept
            appreciate having information introduced in a step-by-step approach
            tend to concentrate for long stretches at a time without taking breaks
            prefer to work alone on a single task until it is completed.
*  Inductive reasoning is a logical process in which multiple premises, all believed true or found true most of the time, are combined to obtain a specific conclusion. Inductive reasoning is often used in applications that involve prediction, forecasting, or behaviour.


To be able to better educate, a teacher or coach must understand learning styles and provide for these.

The old approach was the instructional/prescriptive method.  Here the teacher or coach is the expert, has all the answers and he tells the student what the student has done, why he has done it incorrectly and what he needs to do to put it right.  There was no attempt to find out what the student was thinking, why he took the trade he did or the nature of his reasoning.  If the student doesn’t understand then learning does not take place.  I am convinced implicit learning (where student works things out for themselves, guided by their teacher/coach) is hugely more powerful than ‘telling’. Times have changed.


Ref: https://www.bcps.org/offices/lis/models/tips/styles.html


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