How It All Fits Together

WEA Courses are entry level and topic based. They are aimed at the general public and are for people starting out. Oultines are on the WEA Courses page and payment must be made to the WEA for these classes. All other classes are private (not through the WEA - see the Payment page).

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WEA Financial Market Courses
A range of starting points for those beginners new to the markets



Trading Systems using Technical Analysis
This course contains critical concepts that are key to properly developing a plan that puts the probabilities of success in your favor.  The material is relevant for those at every level of development and so can be done (and re-done) at any time.


Guide Beside
Personal assistance that fast tracks your trading journey through coaching and mentoring.

You need an ‘edge’ or approach or methodology
‘Cycles’ is the best I have found and this is what I teach

  Note: Pathway arrows are indicative not prescriptive    

Cycle Analysis and Market Timing
An introduction to ‘cycles’ in financial markets
. If 'cycles' are for you, there is a suggested next step.


Advanced Cycles
This course is for those who want to get serious learning about cyclic theory.  Significant concepts and tools are revealed.


But there is MORE
You are pointed to further material beyond what I offer.  You decide at this stage how much further you take your study of ‘cycles’.


Connecting with the Markets
Trading CFDs for Beginners and Trading Futures for Beginners
An introduction to leveraged trading vehicles.
Cycles apply to ‘Shares’ but you might prefer the potential of more significant returns.


Extension courses

Hurst Course Tutoring
Assistance in a small group setting is designed to aid with understanding of the material. Discussion, reflection, questioning and the motivation of upcoming sessions all assist the learning process.

Trading Advanced Cycles
'Trading Advanced Cycles' is for those who want further specific knowledge and experience to take the 'cyclic edge' taught in Advanced Cycles to a proven profitable plan. Once properly developed, such a plan can be used real time real money in the market(s) for which it was developed.

Trading Intraday Cyclic Knowledge (TICK)
This course is exclusively offered to Advanced Cycles graduates.  Concepts, examples and demonstrations extend the material covered in Advanced Cycles.

KATS Automated Trading Course (KATS)
This course is exclusively offered to Advanced Cycles graduates who are interested in automating their trading.



Advanced Cycles Get Togethers
There are over 60 like-minded people in Adelaide who gather about twice a year to discuss ‘cycles’ and ‘markets’. Master Classes are also included. These are at no cost.

Advanced Cycles Social and Charity Events
Social settings for like minded people including philanthropic opportunities to give back.


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