Do Advanced Cycles or Not - Free

Do we get the CycleMaster software as part of the course or do we have to buy it separately?
You get it after Day3.

One of your former students told me they had to buy it separately.

CycleMaster has only recently been included with Advanced Cycles.  Prior to that they were separate.

Also, will you show us how to use the software?
The software comes with all required manuals including Installation, User and Reference.  Last Saturday (8Mar14) I offered an opportunity for those who recently completed Advanced Cycles to catch up and get support for installing and using the software.  This has not been a 'formal' part of Advanced Cycles as experience has shown that the software and manuals are pretty straight forward.  3 of the 7 participants attended.

Do you include your new, personal indicators in this course?

Will you show us your own trading plan? My opinion is that we don't need to re-invent the wheel - it makes sense to follow someone else's plan given that it has already been used successfully.
I provide a plan on Day1 and paper trade it publicly during the 6 months of the course.  I have done this in 11 Advanced Cycles courses with 9 campaigns being hugely successful (the last one returned over 6,300% annualized on CFDs) and 2 campaigns made relatively small losses.

You are wrong about not needing to re-invent the wheel.  You are also wrong about being able to 'follow' someone else's plan if you mean taking it 'as is' and trading it.  I expect that you will 'follow' my plan from the point of view of understanding what each component means and how it works.  You will be encouraged to snaffle the bits you like and use them to 're-invent' your own plan.  YOUR plan needs to be developed by YOU.  This involves back testing, forward testing and paper trading before going to real time real money - and yes, all of these concepts are covered in Advanced Cycles.

What you don't understand is that YOU have to know whether YOUR plan works, when it works, when it doesn't work, why it works, how well it works AND when it is broken.  YOU have to KNOW your plan so that you KNOW its character and it contains YOUR character, YOUR risk profile, YOUR goals, YOUR objectives and YOUR lifestyle requirements.  When you have all of this in place you will be about 40% of the way to being able to consistently trade profitably.  The final frontier is your psychology.  Despite YOU developing YOUR plan YOU won't follow it.  NOBODY does!!!  You have to learn to execute flawlessly, first time every time with calm detachment.

My intention is to start "testing" the cycles and paper trading as soon as possible, waiting for 6 months to do that is a bit too long - is it possible to do that after the first session of the course?
You will certainly be 'testing' cycles from Day1 and you will be able to follow my paper trading from Day1.

One of my hardest tasks in teaching people how to trade profitably is helping them to understand what expectations are realistic.  Your comments are akin to a wannabe brain surgeon who says "My intention is to start drilling and cutting as soon as possible, waiting for 6 months to do that is a bit too long - is it possible to do that after the first session of the course?"   You need to learn first.  Once you have the knowledge there are analysis skills you need to develop and tools you need to understand and then gain experience to be able to effectively use.  Here is another way to put it - I don't know what you do for a day job - but how about you spend ONE DAY with me and then I expect to be able to do what you have taken years to learn and understand?  I do the best I can to fast track your learning journey without exploding your brain.

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.  It is highly unlikely you are going to be paper trading your own plan within 6 months let alone after Day1.  There is work you need to do to gain understanding to get you to Day2.  On Day2 there are some powerful tools introduced that you need to work with to get you to Day3.  Day3 focuses more on the trading journey ahead.

'Cycles' is an edge.  This edge needs to be incorporated into a plan and around this plan you need to put together a fully-fledged system including data, computer, internet, broker, trading platform etc, etc, etc.

It just happened that I found an email that you sent me four years ago and I wanted to ask: is there a particular reason why the fee for the Advanced Cycles course has doubled in this short period of time? I am asking this question as I would like to understand why I have to pay $5,000 instead of $2,500 given that the duration of the course is the same (and back then you were not based in Adelaide, you had to travel from interstate). I understand that $1,000 may be for the Cycle Master (if included), but still the total comes to $3,500...

I have improved the quality of the content and sped the learning journey through several changes based on my experience.  The course was initially vastly under priced and it is still considerably under priced.  Participants tell me that the course is well above value for money.  The fee will continue to increase as long as this is the case and I would like to do this at a faster rate into the future.  Everything appears over priced and we all want to pay less than the asking price – cars, homes, educational courses etc.

I am also a bit confused because the fees for other courses are smaller, although the number of hours is similar:

- CBTS (same number of hours, around 24) = $1,890
- HCT (30 hours) = $2,890
With both of these courses I do less and the participants do more.

Please don't get me wrong: I am very keen on the advanced course, I just need to make sure it is worth paying that much…
I have told you before that I appreciate people who do their due diligence.  You may also recall that I line up with the tenets of the Buddhist religion, which says "check your teacher and check their teachings".  I have nothing to hide and nowhere to hide.  Go and find someone in the world who is a successful trader who will teach you everything they ‘know and do’, who trades live for six month periods with a public trading record anywhere near mine.  Oh, and who charges $4,000.  My fee should be $40,000!  On top of this, graduates (about 50 to date in Adelaide) get access to (free) get-togethers several times a year and the opportunity to give through Charity events.

The 'billionaire' (as I call him because he had a goal of giving away a billion dollars before he turned 60 years of age) attended one of my early WEA 'beginners' courses and he told me that the same sort of course was offered in USA for $53,000.  He paid a bit over $100 for that course and it is not a patch on Advanced Cycles.

I have also noticed that there are some courses designed for people who have done the Advanced Cycles course (eg. CBTS and DCMS) and I am concerned that I will have to spend more money before I can actually start trading... For example, the CBTS overview states that this course "it bridges cycle theory and analysis to actual trading". Does this mean the advanced course is pure theory and we cannot trade unless we do the CBTS (and perhaps DCMS, as well)?

If I have to pay $5,000 and wait 6 months, then pay another $2,000 and wait another 3 months and perhaps spend another $2,000 and so on... then I am not interested.

My courses have been developed out of need.  I can't cover everything in 3 days across 6 months + anything up to 40 emails depending on questions.  For most, what I cover is enough.  They have sufficient understanding and a clear direction.  They also have self-motivation, are computer literate, internet literate, have a broker and a trading platform they understand etc etc etc.  AND they DO what I say based on clear and simple principles.  Others don't.  Unfortunately I can't predict what a student will do with the concepts I teach.  Some of my students have indicated they are making fabulous money and multiplying their accounts, others have sought further help and others have given up.

As an example, CBTS rehashes what I cover in Advanced Cycles with some further examples and some hand holding.  Not much to do on my part except to answer questions and help with some practicalities (usually to do with how to use a computer, CycleMaster etc).  I have conducted this course once and the participants told me that I didn't teach them much NEW!!!!  They just seemed to need revision and support to bridge from Advanced Cycles to a plan.  The feedback for this course was fabulous.  It obviously met their needs.  CBTS is NOT a requirement.  Nor is DCMS a requirement. NONE of the other ‘advanced’ courses are a requirement.  No one HAS to do them to be successful.  Although I offer them, they usually don't run.

The ultimate support that I offer is Guide Beside.  This comes at plumber’s rates ($125 per hour).  This too is NOT a requirement.  For those who recognize they need coaching or mentoring I offer it and most people don't take it up.  All it does is speed up the learning journey for those who opt for it.  The motivation and the specific direction that I bring seem to be the keys.

Can you please clarify these things to help me make the final decision. Thank you.

One final thing:  Newbies either have an unrealistic expectation of what is ahead or are impatient (or both).  When I asked an experienced trader how long he thought it would take for someone to learn to trade he said 10 years  - yes TEN!!!!  I proved him wrong.  It only took me about 8.  However, I had to do it on my own devoting endless money and endless hours to books, research and testing. I couldn't find anyone (like I am trying to be for my students) to cut through the bullshit that is out there and provide me with concepts that work in a clear and coherent way so I could test them for myself AND then how to build a proven profitable plan.

If your course is so good, and you make so much money from the markets, WHY don’t you make the course FREE?

What most people don’t understand is they get what they DESERVE in the world.  They don’t get what they WANT or what they NEED – they get what they DESERVE.  ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch‘ pretty well sums it up.  If you are ‘given’ something then you have the tendency to see it as free and ‘worthless’.   On the other hand, if you have to WORK for it then you will value it.  You will understand it and use it.

As a special favor to those who DESERVE Advanced Cycles – there is a monetary barrier and a time barrier.  Most people can’t overcome these barriers and that is fine by me.  It won’t change my life and I guess not doing Advanced Cycles won’t change their life either.

I do what I do as a legacy type thing. It is not about the money, it is about changing lives. On the other hand I am charitable but I am not a charity.

If you NEED Advanced Cycles, would USE Advanced Cycles, can AFFORD Advanced Cycles and would LIKE to do Advanced Cycles then email me and we can work forward from there. Understand that if you can't AFFORD Advanced Cycles then you can't AFFORD to trade - spend money on education rather than throwing it away in the markets. Please understand that at this point in your decision making there is always fear of failure: making a mistake, buying the wrong thing, paying too much and/or being critisied by others. I get it. Email me.



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