EU Decision & GBPUSD


The chart below shows the result of my forecast of 14Jun2016 (further below). This move was manually traded privately and traded publically using automated tading. As price moved up into the period for the forecast low the short trade potential got better and better until finally price dropped into the forecast region and good money was made. If you can't forecast coming trend then you might be better off at the casino. The cyclic theory and principles required to forecast trend are covered in the Advanced Cycles course.



I am currently trading the British pound short. My cycle analysis suggests price will go down into the 23June zone (when the EU decision is made). These sort of fundamental events tend to generate short term energy and hence volatility. They do not change the big cyclic picture. There is a short term low due at this time after which a bounce is suggested. However, there is a larger low due in August so after the bounce I expect to be short again.

This analysis is designed to be educational and is not trading advice. I know how to protect my money and how to handle risk. I also know when I am wrong. If you would like to learn what I know and do I am happy to teach you.

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