The Path to Trading or Investing

Start Somewhere
If you are meant to attend my class(es) then you will.  “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” – Ancient Chinese Proverb

The key principle I teach is ‘get an education’.  It is hard enough to make consistent profits in the financial markets without guessing, hoping or praying.  I am trying to be the sort of person I could not find to support my market journey.  Whether you find what I offer useful or whether you find what you are seeking through someone else or other material I recommend one very simple principle.  Don’t believe a word anyone says or writes about how to trade the markets.  Test everything for yourself.  Do your own work so that you know what you KNOW.

Develop a Plan
A proven profitable approach, method or ‘edge’ is essential.  Gamblers in the financial markets do not have a proven profitable plan that is in writing.

A PLAN is based on an EDGE and it contains:
•  a SIGNAL that says ‘it is time to trade’ and ‘which way’
•  an ENTRY method
•  a STOP LOSS method
•  a PROFIT TAKING method

A written plan that has been back tested, forward tested and paper traded is a plan that has been through a rigorous process.  It has been through a number of changes and it has been tightly defined with numbers so that I, or anyone else, could follow it and get the same results.  It will have returned good results on a number of important metrics across a range of market conditions.  Otherwise it needs further development before it is ready for real money real time.  The lack of understanding of this process astounds me.  There are intelligent people out there who even disagree with such a process.  I guess I am not for them and they are not for me.

The Advanced Cycles course grew out of a need expressed by my short course participants.  They wanted to know the details of what I did and why and how.  In short, they were saying teach me your edge and show me your plan.  I have been more than happy to share my knowledge, wisdom and experience but I have put some barriers in place to ensure I only teach serious people.

Although I consider myself charitable in terms of what I give away, I am not a charity.  The two barriers I put in place are money and time.  If people can’t afford the course cost then they don’t yet have enough money to seriously consider trading – let alone consider trading for a living.  If people aren’t prepared to allocate six months for study to gain a good grounding and understand the best edge I have found, then they probably see this opportunity wearing overalls and looking like too much hard work.

Develop a System
Beyond a plan you need many things to do with trading that supports your plan.  Because of these ‘many things’ I have developed an individualized  coaching/mentoring support system called ‘Guide Beside’.  This fast tracks the journey and provides specific answers to the individual trader’s questions.  Guide Beside is not essential but it is there for those who are interested.

The Next Steps
WEA Mini Courses
I have six 2 hour WEA courses running Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 February for those who might want some bite size tasters of the sorts of things trading involves.  Past participants might want to consider re-attending for refreshers if it is now time to get moving on the trading front. Contact the WEA or click here.

Cycle Analysis and Market Timing (CAMT) – Saturday 1 March 2014
For those who want to seriously consider attending the next Advanced Cycles course there is a pre-requisite that I highly recommend - my private course CAMT.  This course is NOT conducted through the WEA.  See the course outline here.  See the Course Dates and Fees here.

CAMT has been designed to give you a better understanding of the power of ‘cycles’ as an edge.  It is set as a pre-requisite to the Advanced Cycles course because I don’t want people ending up in Advanced Cycles who really don’t want to be there because their trading ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.  CAMT contains valuable information in its own right but it is designed to be a pointer to quality cyclic material, concepts and tools contained in Advanced Cycles.

Email me now to express your interest in CAMT.  Do this now so I can put you on the list.  Do not make payment.  I will call for final commitment later.

Advanced Cycles - Saturday 22 March 2014
The Advanced Cycles course is NOT conducted through the WEA. See the course outline here.  See the Course Dates and Fees here.

If you have not yet done CAMT but want to secure a place in the next Advanced Cycles course email me now to express interest.  Do this now so I can put you on the list.  Do not make payment.  I will call for final commitment later.

If you have already done CAMT then you do not need to do it again – unless you want a refresher.  If you want to get your name down early then email me now to express your interest in Advanced Cycles and mention that you have done CAMT.



Email to enquire, express interest or notify payment.

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