Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) Trading - Safely

Course Overview

Trading is really simple:
          • Trade with the trend.
          • Stop your losses short.
          • Let your profits run.
          • Protect, capture and keep your profits.

Unfortunately, the above information is as useless as how to win at golf: Hit the ball into the hole using a minimum of shots.

These statements are excellent objectives, but there is a lot you need to know and do to fulfill them.

In this short course, we will be dealing with trading volatile markets in a possible bubble or ‘mania’ environment and so the emphasis will be on managing risk of loss of initial capital and loss of accumulated profits.

As a starting point, we will take a look at these questions:
What are cryptocurrencies and how do they work?
What alternatives exist to make money out of cryptocurrency?
          Can I trade crypto like gold bars or stocks on an exchange?
                    Are there ‘penny cryptos’?
          Can I trade crypto like FOREX currencies?
                    This will be the focus of this short course.
          What is crypto mining?
How do I go about trading crypto?
How do I select and set up a crypto broker or exchange?
          Bring your laptop and set up an example free demo account
          You can use CycleMaster!
Are crypto accounts leveraged?
How can trading risks be managed?
Can I make large blue-sky profits?
How do I avoid ‘mania’?
Where can I go for further quality information?

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